Shantou Xinghua Food Co., Ltd. is located in Longhu District of Shantou City, is located in eastern Guangdong Province, the Tropic of cancer and the Chinese coast at the junction, South China's important port city, the coastal open city and the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the geographical position is superior, pleasant climate, is the port of import and export commodities distribution center, known as the "Yeongdong portal, food town" reputation. Shantou food is well known in the world, but also the birth of a number of excellent food enterprises; Shantou Xinghua Food Co., Ltd. is one of the most excellent food companies.
  Shantou Xinghua Food Co. Ltd. tablet candy, chocolate products, variety complete, quality products, reasonable price, has won the trust of customers, products are exported to many countries in the world.
  Shantou Xinghua food limited company strength. For decades, integrity management, to create a "Nanyou" brand, "Libaishi" such a domestic brand, has a very high reputation in the market, many customers come to Shantou Xinghua Food Co., Ltd.to seek sources, in order to facilitate the customers order products, we opened the website www.xinghuafood.com.